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Natural solutions for women's health concerns and fertility


Infertility is on the rise in the US. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 6 million women and 2 million married couples deal with fertility issues. The impact of reduced quality foods, higher stress jobs and environmental toxins is apparent as so many people today have health problems and difficulty conceiving a child. In many cases, traditional care is lacking in holistically treating couples at the different stages of what it calls “infertility”.

Naturopathic Medicine presents an exciting solution to many health problems, including more appropriately termed, “fertility challenges”. Dr. Whelchel’s philosophy focuses on approaching each individual as a whole and on treating the root cause of any health problem. Appropriate diagnosis, testing, treatment and patient education lead to many success stories.

Dr. Whelchel can help you increase your chances of having a baby by addressing possible female issues of poor egg quality, anovulation/irregular ovulation, PCOS and hormonal imbalance for example, as well as male issues such as sperm quality, quantity and motility and erectile dysfunction. Any health condition may decrease chances at achieving pregnancy, but Dr. Whelchel is trained to address an extensive variety of conditions and all aspects of health, working with the body to eradicate disease and obstacles to health.

Appropriate lab testing, physical exams and thorough medical history evaluation will help determine the causative factors and unique characteristics of your specific case. Your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you, your needs and your condition. Patients receive truly attentive, personal care from Dr. Whelchel, which is sometimes lacking in other doctors’ offices.

Dr. Whelchel’s cornerstone treatments for fertility challenges are herbs, Arvigo Abdominal Therapy, acupuncture, specific diet changes and lifestyle modifications. These treatments work with the body to enhance hormone communication and reproductive function and avoid many undesirable side effects of medication.

“I tell my patients to take the time to correct what is wrong so they will be healthy for their babies.  Natural balancing of the body will also make for a better pregnancy and can eliminate fertility problems in the future.”

-Dr. Becky Whelchel

Dr. Whelchel also works with patients undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures such as IUI and IVF to achieve the best health and best results possible.  She offers acupuncture immediately before, during and after procedures as well.

Fertility Concerns and Natural Fertility Solutions

Getting Pregnant Naturally

Increase fertility with specific Fertility herbs, supplements and treatments.  Dr. Whelchel works with women and couples on balancing the body through natural hormone regulation, strengthening of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and increasing necessary nutrients in the body needed for getting pregnant, staying pregnant and promoting a healthy pregnancy.

Recurrent Miscarriage

Pregnancy loss (even unexplained loss) can be treated naturally.  Dr. Whelchel focuses on scientifically proven ways to promote body and reproductive health for sustained and healthy pregnancy.  She also works with ancient wisdom focusing on natural ways to maintain pregnancy with excellent results.  Dr. Whelchel can work with reproductive specialists as well in preventing miscarriage.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, IUI, IVF) preparation and complimentary treatment for increased success

ART can bypass certain obstacles to pregnancy utilizing cutting edge technology.  Dr. Whelchel supports individuals and couples in strengthening the uterus, ovaries and overall health needed for successful ART procedures and healthy pregnancies.  She is often present at procedures to administer acupuncture and also offers acupuncture in the weeks following a procedure to help maintain pregnancy.

Unexplained Infertility

Although by definition, unexplained infertility is unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant with no known cause, Dr. Whelchel uses the naturopathic approach that by promoting reproductive and whole-body health, the body can correct what is wrong – whether we know what is wrong or not.  She advocates investigation into little known causes of unexplained infertility thought lab work and possible emotional blocks.  The focus of her approach is to increase the health of the reproductive system and the entire body and to measure improvement regularly.

Male Fertility Enhancement

Though many factors and lifestyle habits are known to decrease male fertility, there are several natural solutions for increasing male fertility.  Nutrients, herbs and acupuncture have been scientifically shown to increase low sperm count, poor sperm quality and poor sperm motility.  Though it takes 3 months for sperm to develop, many men can feel a positive difference in overall health in just a few weeks.

Whole Person Fertility Enhancement

It is widely known that many factors affect how well the body works and that stress and fears can inhibit fertility and health.  Dr. Whelchel assesses the full person and all of the body systems in her visits, investigating the impact that less than optimal health of some areas of the body may have on reproductive health.  By considering issues in other parts of the body, she often can recommend natural solutions that can have a great impact on improving reproductive health as well.