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Naturopathic Health Care – A Better Alternative

Naturopathic Medicine provides comprehensive health care in a way that many have never experienced. The Naturopathic approach provides incredibly effective and natural alternatives to traditional health care. At the beginning of your visit, Dr. Whelchel spends time listening to seek out the root cause of a health concern or disease, not simply treating the symptoms. Treatment is individualized and holistic for each patient. Dr. Whelchel prescribes natural, safe and effective therapies that work with the body to restore health, aiming to correct the underlying cause and she also focuces on prevention of disease and patient education.

Dr. Whelchel is a licensed physician in the state of Arizona. She graduated from the accredited Naturopathic Medical School, SCNM and passed the two national, comprehensive board exams. Naturopaths are trained in traditional medicine, like MDs, but also receive extensive training in natural therapeutics. They order traditional lab work and diagnostic tests but additionally utilize specialty testing. They are licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals as well if needed.

More and more people are seeking health care that is more thorough and individualized. Many people are aware of the side effects and non-curative nature of many pharmaceuticals and are seeking natural alternatives. Dr. Whelchel and other Naturopathic physicians are experts in natural therapies and preventative health care. For many, Naturopathic Medicine offers a better and more complete alternative to traditional health care.